Gems of Natural Bounty

Three magic gems are responsible for the amount and quality of wine the Wizard of Wines Vineyard produces. All three gems have been lost or stolen and Davian Martikov has asked the party to find and return them. 

Gem # Lost Current Location Status
1 10 Years ago Unknown – Gem was stolen while Urwin Martikov was on watch. Missing
2 3 Weeks ago Stolen by the Witch of the Berez Ruins. Berez ruins also holds a Fey Circle. Missing
3 5 Days ago  Stolen by the evil Druids of Yester Hill. Yester Hill also holds a Fey Circle. Recovered and returned to Winery

The gems have a cumulative effect on the land, having two or more allow for higher quality wines to be produced.

Total Gems Wine Produce
1 Grapemash
2 Red wine
3 Champagne (Sparkling Wine)


Gems of Natural Bounty

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